Hi I'm Sarah Tuck and I am the trainer at Doggone Active     

I offer training in agility and lifeskills and do some behavioural work. 

I love teaching , she inspires people to be open minded, creative and committed to achieving success without losing the fun and joy of spending time with your best friend - your dog(s). 

Sarah grew up with dogs and shared her life with 4 of her own for the last 10 years. 

She is a qualified Kennel Club Agility Judge and has passed the Agility Club Instructor Course with a First Class (top level).

Having worked in education as a teacher for over 12 years, in many and varied environments, she is an adaptable, creative and diverse teacher who is able to find your learning style and that of your dog. 

Through her experiences with her own dogs and training in TTouch, she is able to adapt any methods to suit individual dogs and is very aware of the signals dogs constantly give off that we sometimes may miss. 

Of her 5 dogs, two are rescues.  One, Kali, a 5 year old working sheep dog, has been an extreme challenge over the years due to her appalling start in life.        

From being a scared, mean and untrusting dog; with patience, confidence, Ttouch and understanding dog behaviour, Sarah had been able to turn Kali's reactivity, fearfulness and lack of trust into focused drive, positive relationship and happy energy.  There's still work to do, but the effort pays off. 

Sarah and Kali recently won into grade 7 and are looking forward to competing in championship classes alongside Sodah